EIT 2022
Final Program

Session 5C - Control 2
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2022
Time: 1:15 PM -3:15 PM
Location: CSU 253
Chair: Dr.  Xuanhui Wu
  Paper Presented By Author(s)
1.Design Flow and Implementation of an AI-Enabled Smart Guidance System for Art Galleries (066)Xinrui YuAlvaro Belloso Esteban, Mario Silvestre Delgado, Xinrui Yu, Won-Jae Yi, Jafar Saniie
2.Indoor Navigation System for Visually Impaired People using Computer Vision (071)Xinrui YuAdrian Leyte Fraga, Xinrui Yu, Won-Jae Yi, Jafar Saniie
3.Distributed Gesture Controlled Systems for Human-Machine Interface (078)Hans JohnsonHans Johnson, Jafar Saniie
4.Tackling Multiple Security Threats in an IoT Environment (079)Mikhail GromovMikhail Gromov, David Arnold, Jafar Saniie
5.Design Flow and Implementation of a Vision-Based Gesture-Controlled Drone (086)Xinrui YuArthur Findelair, Xinrui Yu, Jafar Saniie
6.Point Cloud Generation with Stereo and Monocular Depth Estimation on FPGA (087)Tianyang FangAlejandro Perez-Vicente, David Hernandez, Tianyang Fang, Jafar Saniie