EIT 2021

Session 3B - Signal, Image and Video Processing
Date: Friday, May 14, 2021
Time: 1:45 PM -3:15 PM
Location: WebEx3
Chair: Guoping Wang
  Paper Presented By Author(s)
1.Evaluation of Deep Learning Neural Networks with Input Processing for Bearing Fault Diagnosis (044)yuanyang caiYuanyang Cai, Lizhe Tan, Junngan Chen
2.Spatial-Temporal Denoised Thermal Source Separation in Images of Compact Pulsed Thermography System for Qualification of Additively Manufactured Metals (063)Xin Zhang, Won-Jae YiXin Zhang, Jafar Saniie, Alexander Heifetz
3.Material Texture Recognition using Ultrasonic Images with Transformer Neural Networks (082)Xin Zhang, Won-Jae YiXin Zhang, Jafar Saniie
4.A Chaotic-based Encryption/Decryption System for Secure Video Transmission (102)Xin Huang, Won-Jae YiXin Huang, David Arnold, Tianyang Fang, Jafar Saniie
5.A Brief Review of Signal Processing for EEG-based BCI: Approaches and Opportunities (108)Md Ali HaiderAli Haider