EIT 2021

Session 2B - Power Systems and Power Electronics & Micro Electromechanical Systems & Mechatronics
Date: Friday, May 14, 2021
Time: 1:45 PM -3:15 PM
Location: WebEx2
Chair: Houda Bouderraoui
  Paper Presented By Author(s)
1.Self-Healing of Position Offset Error in Non-Salient PMSMs (024)Sandun KuruppuSandun Kuruppu
2.Combined Wind and Solar Power Offering Strategy with Virtual Bidding and Risk Management in Two-Settlement Electricity Markets (040)Josue Campos do PradoJosue Campos do Prado, Wei Qiao, Dongliang Xiao
3.Design Flow and Implementation of an IoT Smart Power Socket (047)Carlos Mateo, Fernando Almagro, Won-Jae YiCarlos Mateo, Fernando Almagro, Won-Jae Yi, Jafar Saniie
4.CB/PDMS Based Strain Gauge Using 3D Printed Mold (060)Xingzhe ZhangBing Liu, Arnesh Bose, Xingzhe Zhang, Zhaojie Zhang
5.Mobile Energy Storage Operation in Micro-Grid Integrated Distribution Systems Considering Network Reconfiguration (068)Md Shahin AlamSeyed Ali Arefifar, Md Shahin Alam