May 14 - 15, 2021, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
Format: Online
Keynote Speakers
Keynote Speaker
Friday, May 14, 2021
9:45 AM

Subramaniam Ganesan
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Oakland University
Rochester, MI

Open Source Hardware and Software in Education and Industry
We describe open source hardware and Open source software and ways of introducing them in Education and in Products.
,div>We start by showing definitions for Open source, example opensource hardware and open source software. Describe the advantages of opensource. A few sample courses in which they can be used. A few sample industrial applications.

Dr. Subramaniam Ganesan is a Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, USA. He is a senior member of IEEE, was IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visiting Speaker, IEEE Region 4 technical activities member and Fellow of ISPE. He has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ISAM, Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award  from SAE, Best Paper Award from ISAM, Best Teacher award from ASEE, and similar accolade from Oakland University. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Embedded Systems & Computer Engineering, as well as the International Journal of Sensors & Applications. He has been the session organizer on "Systems Engineering" panel at the SAE World Congress for the past 15 years. More details can be viewed from home page at: secs.oakland.edu/~ganesan.
His research interests are in Real-Time systems, Parallel Architectures, Mobile Computing, Automotive Embedded Systems and Signal Processing. He holds several patents in embedded systems