EIT 2014

Session 3B - Software Engineering and Middleware Architectures 1
Date: Friday, June 6, 2014
Time: 3:30:00 PM To 5:00:00 PM
Location: GM206
Chair:Dr. Hamid Vakilzadian
1.Toward a Privacy Preserving HIPAA-compliant Access Control Model for Web Services (190)Tariq Alshugran, Julius Dichter
2.Intelligent Surveillance Lifecycle Architecture for Epidemiological Data Clustering using Twitter and Novel Genetic Algorithm (188)Naser El-Bathy, Clay Gloster, Ghassan Azar, Mohammed El-Bathy, Gordon Stein, Ricky Stevenson
3.On the Construction of EASTWeb Framework A Plug-in Framework for Processing Earth Observation Data Streams (252)Yi Liu, Michael Wimberly, Jiameng Hu
4.Parallelizing an Algorithm to find the Maximal Clique on Interval Graphs on Graphical Processing Units (174)Phanindra Amaradi, Nishanth Sriramoju, Li Dang, Girma Tewolde, Jaerock Kwon
5.Knowledge Integration of Distributed Enterprises using Cloud based Big Data Analytics (294)Mahdi Bohlouli, Fabian Merges, Madjid Fathi