EIT 2014

Session 2A - Antennas, Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks 1
Date: Friday, June 6, 2014
Time: 1:30:00 PM To 3:00:00 PM
Location: GM308
Chair:Dr. Jay Wierer
1.Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Embedded Linux Gateway for Smart Home Health Monitoring (256)Mateusz Mittek, Jay Carlson, Lance Perez
2.Characterizing the RF Performance of the eZ430-Chronos Wrist Watch (240)Francisco Mora-Becerra, Pedro Sathler, Jay Carlson, Eric Psota, Lance Pérez
3.A Comparison Between UWB and TDOA Systems for Smart Space Localization (193)Lianlin Zhao, Eric T. Psota, Lance C. P´erez
4.A New Wideband Segmented-Ring Antenna (206)Koby Asirvatham, Benjamin Braaten, Michael Reich, David Rogers